Speevr opens AI research lab in London

Speer Labs AI Research

Speevr Inc, a California founded financial research and data platform is proud to announce the launch of  Speevr Labs. The research group will be based in London and primarily focus on applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) for financial services. Speevr Labs is an independent non-profit Community Interest Group (CIC). Research projects undertaken are subject to social and ethical considerations as set within the group’s Founding Principles. The team will be lead by tech investor/financier Rajan Dosanjh, Speevr CEO/Co-founder Alessio Farhadi, and (serial entrepreneur) JetBridge CEO/Co-founder John Kim .

Speevr Labs provides students and researchers in the field of AI the ability to connect and collaborate with the financial services industry. Research projects are approved and funded by Speevr Labs Partners, a panel of financial institutions exploring new business solutions using data and computational technology.

The initiative is the fruition of several discussions between Speevr CEO (Alessio Farhadi) and business heads within the industry studying AI for potential applications. Farhadi encountered some common themes within his discussions: 1) Often there was an incomplete understanding of the mechanics of AI and the capabilities of today. 2) Executives are under pressure from board members integrate AI within business practices with with clarity or resources on offer. 3) A lack of long-term strategy for AI.

Most business leaders will tell you AI will have a significant impact on their industries, but will struggle to give specific details . By default they envision a future with significant portion of staff being replaced robots with super-human capabilities.

Alessio Farhadi, Speevr CEO.

Beginning in June 2020, Speevr Labs will run an internship program for talented university students seeking to apply technology with a fintech setting. Internship programs will run for a period of 3 -12 months. You may submit an application to join this program prior to 31st March 2020 by emailing a brief cover letter along with a curriculum vitae to [email protected]. Candidates should mention how they can contribute to the team effort and what they wish to gain from the internship experience.

Academics and researchers may submit proposals for research grants stating how their work may be applied in solving an existing problem within the financial services industry.

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